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1…2..3 We’re back! At least for 1 post

Legion Of Stuffed Animals

Fuzzy: Yo! Hi everybody. We’re back!

Fortress Boy: At least for one post.

Fuzzy: Don’t you know what dramatic and exciting mean?

Fortress Boy: Fuzzy, you don’t know what it means.

Fuzzy: Yes I do! It means  ummm … ummmm… Softy, do you know what exciting and dramatic mean?

Softy: Exciting means thrilled and dramatic means shocking.

Fuzzy: See! We know what it means.

Fortress Boy: Why don’t we give Softy some screen time too.

Fuzzy: Okay, I guess.

Softy: Hi everybody! A lot has happened since I last saw you. I became a detective!

Fuzzy: You did?!?

Softy: Fuzzy, you knew I was a detective!

Fuzzy: Oh yeah, I must have forgotten.

Softy: For the 100th time!

Fuzzy: It was only 99.

Fortress Boy: Hey Fuzzy, why don’t you let Softy finish his story so you can remember.

Fuzzy: That’s a good idea. Softy, continue your speech.

Softy: Thank you Fuzzy. Anyways, I’m a detective and my name is Detective Softy. My partner in crime is Jr. Detective George (A little bunny who loves to blow things up and eat carrots.) and we solve mysteries.

Fuzzy: That’s amazing!

Softy: Isn’t it.

Fuzzy: Yeah! Going off subject … you wanna get some honey?

Softy: Sure!

Fuzzy and Softy: Fortress Boy, can we have some honey?

George: And can I have a carrot?

Fortress Boy: I gotta run! It seems that some certain stuffed animals are hungry. See you later!

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Eye Of The Tigger

Fuzzy is upstairs writing a new song because he wanted to start off the new year with good music. Do you want to hear it? OK let’s go.

Fortress Boy: Fuzzy … let our visitors hear your song.

Fuzzy: I’m not sure. Lets ask our judges: Softy, Marshmallow ( a polar bear who  works as their manager) and Ottie ( an otter who is their friend).

Softy: Yes!

Marshmallow: Yes!

Ottie: Yes!

Fuzzy: OK … here you go.

It’s the Eye of the Tigger and the thrill of the food …

Fortress Boy: The thrill of the food? What does that mean and why was the song so short?

Fuzzy: Bears like food … and we get bored with anything that lasts more than one second.

Fortress Boy: OK Fuzzy.

Fuzzy: I’m bored …

Fortress Boy: *Sigh* Don’t worry, I’ll get you some honey.

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Kid Goku = Awesome


I just read all the issues of Dragon Ball and started Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball is when Goku was a kid and was a lot cooler and the series was more fast-paced than Dragon Ball Z. Anyway it’s really great and its so action packed! I wanna Play Dragon Ball Z Buodokai Tenkaichi 3 as Kid Goku. The first 2 issues are kinda mature but the rest has a lot of butt kicking and awesomeness and sometimes I even wanna do a Kamehameha.

It’s not like anyone can do a Kamhameha though.

Fuzzy: Kamehame …

Fuzzy no!

Fuzzy: ….. HA!

Fortress Boy dodges blast, launches his own attack.


Fuzzy waves a little white flag.

Fuzzy: I Give Up!

Why did you try to do that anyway Fuzzy?

Fuzzy: I don’t know I just wanted to.

OK Fuzzy, OK. Say, why isn’t Softy here?

Fuzzy: He’s doing intense training upstairs!

I thought he was sleeping

Fuzzy: Oh yeah….. Oh well see you next time folks!!

We’re not in a TV show you know …

Fuzzy: Who knew!

Fuzzy,  you don’t know a lot of things.

Fuzzy: True. Well this is the end, so bye!

That’s better!

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Happy New Bears!!!

New Years Bear!

Fuzzy, Softy and Fortress Boy have no idea who this guy is, but he seems to have the right idea!

Happy New Years from FB & The Legion of Stuffed Animals! Don’t eat too much honey or play too many video games!!!

Posted by: Fortress Boy | December 9, 2007

Fight! Fight!! Fight!!!

DBZ On The Wii

Today I am going to talk about DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for the Wii.

This game is great! You get to beat up bad guys, and who doesn’t like that?

The Wii version is also better than DragonBall Z Budokai for PlayStation because it’s a lot easier to go Super Saiyan and get straight to the kicking of the butts.

Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Fans of the manga and anime versions will enjoy taking a character through the classic Saiyan saga to the senses-shattering Majin Buu saga. My favorite move is the “chocolate beam,” where Buu turns opponents into chocolate before sitting on and kicking the poor chumps.

Fuzzy: Did somebody mention chocolate? I thought I heard somebody talk about chocolate!

Sorry Fuzzy. I was just talking about a special move in this DragonBall game.

GohanFuzzy: (Dejected) Oh. I just thought it would be nice if someone around here fed his teddy bears some chocolate. *mumble, grumble *

Ahem … well, anyway in World Tournament mode you get to play against Cell and finally the “champion of champions” – Hercule. So yeah, this is the best DragonBall game I’ve played and everyone in the Fortress can’t wait to try part three – which I hope to get for Christmas.

Fuzzy: Maybe Santa will bring the game if you’re nice and give a certain teddy bear some chocolate!

Sorry, looks like somebody’s hungry. Anyway, have fun playing the game!

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Sure, it’s Thanksgiving but we’re celebrating an even more significant event today …



Have a good one little guy!!

Enjoy your new, monogrammed honey jars and keep reading comic books!!!

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Old Comic Book Day

avengers 1 1/2

The Scene: The Fortress Of Fortitude.

Two small teddy bears munch on Honey Graham Crackers while watching re-runs of Underdog. A young boy walks into the room, holding a well-worn comic book.

Fortress Boy: What are you two up to?

Fuzzy: Not much …

Softy: Yeah, we’re bored. There’s nothing to do …

Fortress Boy: Well, you could always help me put together our comic book blog. You guys promised to write a post months ago!

Fuzzy: It’s not our fault! We’ve been really busy!

Softy: We had to eat honey, take our after-eating-honey naps, eat more honey …

Fortress Boy: Hmmm … if you don’t want to write for the blog you could always clean up your room!


Fortress Boy: OK. Why don’t you take a look at this book – Avengers #1 1/2 by Roger Stern and Bruce Timm. It’s pretty cool.

Softy: *Hmmph* We’ll be the judges of that!

Fortress Boy: Don’t be snobby, guys. You’re not even four years old!

Fuzzy: Hey, the first page just has a picture of some newsman talking about the Avengers. BORRRING!


Fortress Boy: The Keeper says it’s supposed to be some guy named Walter Cronkite.

Softy: WHAT … ever. Hey, there’s Doctor Doom!

Fuzzy: Oooooh. He wants to kill The Avengers.


Fortress Boy: Hey, you’re skipping over a bunch of pages!

Fuzzy: That’s just a bunch of boring talk! We want to see the Avengers fight Doctor Doom!

Softy: Oh, oh! The good guys have been captured!!

Fuzzy: Oh no!






Fuzzy: Isn’t it time for The Avengers to kick as …

Fortress Boy: Language Fuzzy!

Fuzzy: OK … butt.

Softy: Look, Ant Man has turned into Giant Man! He’s going to save everybody!

Fuzzy: Yayyy!


Fuzzy: The Hulk is dizzy after all that spinning! He looks sick!!


Softy: Gross.

Fuzzy: Kinda funny too! Ha, Ha!

Fortress Boy: You shouldn’t laugh at The Hulk.

Softy: Why?



Fuzzy & Softy: AHHHHHHHH!

Fortress Boy: Don’t be scared! He didn’t really rip Doctor Doom’s head off … it was just a robot. See?


Fuzzy: Oh, that’s actually pretty cool!

Softy: Look, the good guys won! Hooray!


Softy: Wow! That was an exciting comic book!

Fuzzy: Yeah. I’m so tired now, I don’t think I could write another post for four whole months!

Fortress Boy: Well, I think we can do this again a little sooner. If not … well … you could always clean up that room you know!

Fuzzy & Softy: TO THE COMPUTER!

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We Come For Your Cake

Avengers 3

This comic is really cool because it involves monsters and superheroes – and when is that not cool?!?

Anyway this village is getting attacked by some guy named Gorg. So a girl uses a Hawkstone and tries to get The Avengers to help.

The villagers think The Avengers are gods, so they ask Spider-Man if he wants to be worshiped. His answer?

Avengers 1

Funny, huh?

The Avengers teach the villagers fighting tactics (with Spider-Man pretending to be a punching bag). And then, one of my favorite parts: Cap said Wolverine could be the leader.

Avengers 2

Now Wolverine, why would that not be a beautiful dream?

When Gorg finds out the Avengers are around, he swears the team will be crushed. Instead, he gets a ton of fertilizer dumped on him.


That’s gross.

And Gorg? Wolverine takes him out with a punch and a head-butt.
Gorg is a wimp.

In the end, everyone lives happily ever after and the Avengers get more rice than they can possibly eat for the rest of their lives.

Rice? Sure, why not?!?


All super-hero comics should end this way!

Posted by: Fortress Boy | July 3, 2007

Pops Up Like A Spider Can

spidey pop-up

After weeks of waiting, I finally got the Spider-Man pop-up book.

Think pop-up books are just for kids? Well I am a kid, so this stuff is right up my alley Mr. Grown Up Comic-Book Geek Man.

This book is very cool. It features Spidey fighting all these retro villains from the early comic books. There’s the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, Vulture and even more.

If old comic-stories aren’t cool enough for you – and why aren’t they? – then you’re sure to like the pop-ups. You get fight scenes, background information and just about anything else there is to know about Spider-Man.

The Electro pop-up is our favorite. My dad, the Fortress Keeper, said the scene is originally from this comic …


If , after all that, the book still isn’t cool enough then you’ve got me stumped .


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The Bear Necessities

Fuzzy And Softy


Our names are Fuzzy and Softy.

You may remember us from Mr. Keeper’s Fortress of Fortitude, where we reviewed Spidey comics and received a terrible fright from those mean ol’ Amazons.

Well, now we’ve got our own blog. Oh joy is us!

The two of us inspired to write by Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull who teaches the world that comics ought to be fun!

We stuffed teddy bears couldn’t agree more. So with the help of our friend and fearless leader Fortress Boy, the Fortress’ 2Cute Crew is going to do its part by writing about cool kids comics.

That’s right, kids comics. You know, those little versions of adults who like to read comics but often feel uninvited in the big bad comic-book store!

We hate it when that happens! Grrrwoar!

Anyway, come by and visit!!!


That writing made us hungry. Mmmmm … pass that honey!