Posted by: Fortress Boy | July 13, 2007

We Come For Your Cake

Avengers 3

This comic is really cool because it involves monsters and superheroes – and when is that not cool?!?

Anyway this village is getting attacked by some guy named Gorg. So a girl uses a Hawkstone and tries to get The Avengers to help.

The villagers think The Avengers are gods, so they ask Spider-Man if he wants to be worshiped. His answer?

Avengers 1

Funny, huh?

The Avengers teach the villagers fighting tactics (with Spider-Man pretending to be a punching bag). And then, one of my favorite parts: Cap said Wolverine could be the leader.

Avengers 2

Now Wolverine, why would that not be a beautiful dream?

When Gorg finds out the Avengers are around, he swears the team will be crushed. Instead, he gets a ton of fertilizer dumped on him.


That’s gross.

And Gorg? Wolverine takes him out with a punch and a head-butt.
Gorg is a wimp.

In the end, everyone lives happily ever after and the Avengers get more rice than they can possibly eat for the rest of their lives.

Rice? Sure, why not?!?


All super-hero comics should end this way!



  1. This is *so* the way Avengers comics should always be. Spider-Man being funny, Storm being wisely gorgeous (or gorgeously wise) and Wolverine punching people.

    Great blog, guys. Keep going, and I’ll keep reading.

  2. Good seeing Wolverine and Spider-man together. Funny too.

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