Posted by: Fortress Boy | November 10, 2007

Old Comic Book Day

avengers 1 1/2

The Scene: The Fortress Of Fortitude.

Two small teddy bears munch on Honey Graham Crackers while watching re-runs of Underdog. A young boy walks into the room, holding a well-worn comic book.

Fortress Boy: What are you two up to?

Fuzzy: Not much …

Softy: Yeah, we’re bored. There’s nothing to do …

Fortress Boy: Well, you could always help me put together our comic book blog. You guys promised to write a post months ago!

Fuzzy: It’s not our fault! We’ve been really busy!

Softy: We had to eat honey, take our after-eating-honey naps, eat more honey …

Fortress Boy: Hmmm … if you don’t want to write for the blog you could always clean up your room!


Fortress Boy: OK. Why don’t you take a look at this book – Avengers #1 1/2 by Roger Stern and Bruce Timm. It’s pretty cool.

Softy: *Hmmph* We’ll be the judges of that!

Fortress Boy: Don’t be snobby, guys. You’re not even four years old!

Fuzzy: Hey, the first page just has a picture of some newsman talking about the Avengers. BORRRING!


Fortress Boy: The Keeper says it’s supposed to be some guy named Walter Cronkite.

Softy: WHAT … ever. Hey, there’s Doctor Doom!

Fuzzy: Oooooh. He wants to kill The Avengers.


Fortress Boy: Hey, you’re skipping over a bunch of pages!

Fuzzy: That’s just a bunch of boring talk! We want to see the Avengers fight Doctor Doom!

Softy: Oh, oh! The good guys have been captured!!

Fuzzy: Oh no!






Fuzzy: Isn’t it time for The Avengers to kick as …

Fortress Boy: Language Fuzzy!

Fuzzy: OK … butt.

Softy: Look, Ant Man has turned into Giant Man! He’s going to save everybody!

Fuzzy: Yayyy!


Fuzzy: The Hulk is dizzy after all that spinning! He looks sick!!


Softy: Gross.

Fuzzy: Kinda funny too! Ha, Ha!

Fortress Boy: You shouldn’t laugh at The Hulk.

Softy: Why?



Fuzzy & Softy: AHHHHHHHH!

Fortress Boy: Don’t be scared! He didn’t really rip Doctor Doom’s head off … it was just a robot. See?


Fuzzy: Oh, that’s actually pretty cool!

Softy: Look, the good guys won! Hooray!


Softy: Wow! That was an exciting comic book!

Fuzzy: Yeah. I’m so tired now, I don’t think I could write another post for four whole months!

Fortress Boy: Well, I think we can do this again a little sooner. If not … well … you could always clean up that room you know!

Fuzzy & Softy: TO THE COMPUTER!



  1. Ah, a blast form the past…in more ways than one!

    Glad you liked it, guys.

    — Uncle Rog

    P.S.: The Dude and I will both be appearing at this year’s MidOhioCon, November 24th-25th in Beautiful Downtown Columbus, Ohio! (For more about that, check out .)

  2. Stuffed animals should review more stuffs. I demand the formation of the Bully’s Fuzzy Legion of Bloggatude!

  3. Mr. Stern –

    You’re very welcome!


    LurkerWithout –

    If Bully gives us the word, we’ll be right there!

  4. Yay! I’ve been waiting for an update for, like, EVER. Keep it up, guys…I think you’re onto a winning format here.

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