Posted by: Fortress Boy | November 22, 2008

Kid Goku = Awesome


I just read all the issues of Dragon Ball and started Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball is when Goku was a kid and was a lot cooler and the series was more fast-paced than Dragon Ball Z. Anyway it’s really great and its so action packed! I wanna Play Dragon Ball Z Buodokai Tenkaichi 3 as Kid Goku. The first 2 issues are kinda mature but the rest has a lot of butt kicking and awesomeness and sometimes I even wanna do a Kamehameha.

It’s not like anyone can do a Kamhameha though.

Fuzzy: Kamehame …

Fuzzy no!

Fuzzy: ….. HA!

Fortress Boy dodges blast, launches his own attack.


Fuzzy waves a little white flag.

Fuzzy: I Give Up!

Why did you try to do that anyway Fuzzy?

Fuzzy: I don’t know I just wanted to.

OK Fuzzy, OK. Say, why isn’t Softy here?

Fuzzy: He’s doing intense training upstairs!

I thought he was sleeping

Fuzzy: Oh yeah….. Oh well see you next time folks!!

We’re not in a TV show you know …

Fuzzy: Who knew!

Fuzzy,  you don’t know a lot of things.

Fuzzy: True. Well this is the end, so bye!

That’s better!


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