Posted by: Fortress Boy | January 10, 2009

Eye Of The Tigger

Fuzzy is upstairs writing a new song because he wanted to start off the new year with good music. Do you want to hear it? OK let’s go.

Fortress Boy: Fuzzy … let our visitors hear your song.

Fuzzy: I’m not sure. Lets ask our judges: Softy, Marshmallow ( a polar bear who  works as their manager) and Ottie ( an otter who is their friend).

Softy: Yes!

Marshmallow: Yes!

Ottie: Yes!

Fuzzy: OK … here you go.

It’s the Eye of the Tigger and the thrill of the food …

Fortress Boy: The thrill of the food? What does that mean and why was the song so short?

Fuzzy: Bears like food … and we get bored with anything that lasts more than one second.

Fortress Boy: OK Fuzzy.

Fuzzy: I’m bored …

Fortress Boy: *Sigh* Don’t worry, I’ll get you some honey.


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