Posted by: Fuzzy And Softy | October 24, 2009

1…2..3 We’re back! At least for 1 post

Legion Of Stuffed Animals

Fuzzy: Yo! Hi everybody. We’re back!

Fortress Boy: At least for one post.

Fuzzy: Don’t you know what dramatic and exciting mean?

Fortress Boy: Fuzzy, you don’t know what it means.

Fuzzy: Yes I do! It means  ummm … ummmm… Softy, do you know what exciting and dramatic mean?

Softy: Exciting means thrilled and dramatic means shocking.

Fuzzy: See! We know what it means.

Fortress Boy: Why don’t we give Softy some screen time too.

Fuzzy: Okay, I guess.

Softy: Hi everybody! A lot has happened since I last saw you. I became a detective!

Fuzzy: You did?!?

Softy: Fuzzy, you knew I was a detective!

Fuzzy: Oh yeah, I must have forgotten.

Softy: For the 100th time!

Fuzzy: It was only 99.

Fortress Boy: Hey Fuzzy, why don’t you let Softy finish his story so you can remember.

Fuzzy: That’s a good idea. Softy, continue your speech.

Softy: Thank you Fuzzy. Anyways, I’m a detective and my name is Detective Softy. My partner in crime is Jr. Detective George (A little bunny who loves to blow things up and eat carrots.) and we solve mysteries.

Fuzzy: That’s amazing!

Softy: Isn’t it.

Fuzzy: Yeah! Going off subject … you wanna get some honey?

Softy: Sure!

Fuzzy and Softy: Fortress Boy, can we have some honey?

George: And can I have a carrot?

Fortress Boy: I gotta run! It seems that some certain stuffed animals are hungry. See you later!


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