Posted by: Fuzzy And Softy | July 2, 2007

The Bear Necessities

Fuzzy And Softy


Our names are Fuzzy and Softy.

You may remember us from Mr. Keeper’s Fortress of Fortitude, where we reviewed Spidey comics and received a terrible fright from those mean ol’ Amazons.

Well, now we’ve got our own blog. Oh joy is us!

The two of us inspired to write by Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull who teaches the world that comics ought to be fun!

We stuffed teddy bears couldn’t agree more. So with the help of our friend and fearless leader Fortress Boy, the Fortress’ 2Cute Crew is going to do its part by writing about cool kids comics.

That’s right, kids comics. You know, those little versions of adults who like to read comics but often feel uninvited in the big bad comic-book store!

We hate it when that happens! Grrrwoar!

Anyway, come by and visit!!!


That writing made us hungry. Mmmmm … pass that honey!



  1. Hooray for Fuzzy and Softy! Welcome to the intermajignet thing. I hope you will find it fun and educational! And being stuffed animals like me, if anyone says anything bad about you, you can just get all squishy and shoot all those bad vibes right back at them!

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